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Modern Monty

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

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Ignite Your Child's Imagination with Our Double-Sided Animal Alphabet Flash Cards!

Watch your child embark on an enchanting learning journey with our Double-Sided Animal Alphabet Flash Cards. Created with love and creativity, these beautifully crafted cards feature breathtaking hand-painted watercolor artwork by renowned Australian artist Amanda Borchers. Each illustration brings the animal kingdom to life, making every learning moment a vivid exploration of nature's wonders. These flash cards transform education into a magical experience, sparking curiosity and a love for knowledge from an early age.

What Makes Our Animal Alphabet Flash Cards Special?

  • Australian Designed: Thoughtfully designed in Australia, reflecting our dedication to quality and educational value.
  • Artistry at Its Best: Amanda Borchers' hand-painted realistic watercolors captivate and inspire, making learning visually delightful.
  • Comprehensive Double-Sided Design: Each card maximizes learning potential, with the alphabet letter and animal on the front, and rich educational content on the back.

Educational Features:

  • Front Side:

    • Upper and lower case letters in a child-friendly font.
    • Animal names paired with beautiful, lifelike watercolor art.
  • Back Side:

    • Complete alphabet with highlighted letter for context.
    • Animal names in a school-approved font for handwriting practice.
    • Three engaging facts about each animal, including habitat, diet, and a fun fact.
    • World map highlighting the animal's native regions, fostering early geography skills.

Product Specifications:

  • Premium Quality: Made from durable 400gsm paper with a matte-laminate finish, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Perfect Gift: Packaged in a luxurious, eye-catching drawer-box, making it an ideal gift for young learners.
  • Age Appropriate: Suitable for ages 3+ with adult supervision and ages 6+ for independent learning.
  • Ethically Made: Designed in Australia and ethically produced in China with a focus on environmental sustainability.

At Modern Monty, we believe in blending fun with education while celebrating the beauty of our natural world. Add Modern Monty's Double-Sided Animal Alphabet Flash Cards to your collection and watch as your child learns, laughs, and grows through play. Embrace our motto, "Play, Laugh, Learn," and create unforgettable memories with this exquisite educational set. Order today and start your adventure!

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